Dental Sealants

At Kids First Dental, we believe that offering preventive dentistry is an essential part of providing our patients with the best professional dental care possible. For this reason, we recommend dental sealants for most of our patients. Although many patients practice proper dental care at home, the pits, grooves, and depressions on the chewing surfaces of teeth actually provide the perfect environment for debris, bacteria and even plaque to get trapped in and thrive. Dental sealants create a barrier between your teeth to protect it from the harmful effects of plaque, acid, and bacteria.

About Our Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are made using a BPA-free, liquid plastic material that is typically tooth-colored or clear. During this procedure, your dentist will paint the sealant directly onto the chewing surfaces of teeth, allowing the sealant to try and form a barrier. Once the barrier has been formed, patients are protected from plaque, bacteria, and acid, it also makes it easier for teeth to be properly cleaned, stopping debris from becoming trapped in the grooves, pits, and depressions on teeth.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

When it comes to preventing dental complications and protecting smiles, our dental sealants have many benefits over the alternatives:

  • The entire dental sealant process takes only minutes and can provide years of protection.
  • Dental sealants are designed to be unnoticeable, typically being either clear or tooth-colored.
  • Dental sealants provide a barrier between teeth and plaque, bacteria and acid.
  • Dental sealants are durable, with proper care dental sealants can last for about a decade.
  • Dental sealants can be easily reapplied if damaged, taking only a few minutes.
  • Dental sealants make it easier for patients to properly clean their entire smile, stopping debris from getting trapped in pits, grooves, and depressions on teeth.

Get Dental Sealants Today

Ready to make sure your smile is as healthy as possible? Contact Kids First Dental today to schedule your appointment! We’re always welcoming new patients into our dental clinic and would be more than happy to determine if dental sealants are the right option for you and your smile. We look forward to protecting your smile!