Understanding the Dental Extraction Process

When it comes time to have a tooth removed, we know at Kids First Dental that the thought can be a scary one for children. But our caring and professional staff knows that it doesn’t have to be if your child is prepared for what to expect during the process in one of our centrally-located offices in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, South Carolina.

Kids First Dental Can Speak Your Child’s Language

That’s why, in addition to providing dental treatment, we will talk to your child ahead of the procedure, so they will know what the process will entail. The staff at Kids First Dental are multi-lingual and specially trained in pediatric and family dentistry to assure that every experience is a positive one – from routine cleaning and exams to dental extractions.

The Dental Extraction Process Easily Explained

We’re providing this information, so you’ll know ahead of time what your child will experience.

First, we’ll perform a dental exam to assess the general oral health of your child’s mouth. This may include taking x-rays. If it’s determined that we can perform the extraction process on the same day, your child’s mouth will be numbed, so they do not feel any pain during the extraction process. If the extraction needs to be scheduled for a future date, the same numbing procedure will be performed at that time. Once your child’s mouth is numb, we will remove the tooth, and the gum will receive stitches if necessary. You’ll be given follow-up instructions for at-home care, which typically includes keeping the mouth clean and rinsed as well only eating soft foods for the first 24-48 hours.

It’s Preferred That Your Child Keeps a Tooth Over Having to Extract It

It’s always preferred to save a tooth from having to be removed due to dental decay over having to remove it. That’s why good oral health practices from a very young age are so important to your child. This includes routinely scheduled exams and cleanings so we can detect any potential problems before the build into bigger ones that require a tooth being removed because of decay.

Get Your Child Started Today

There’s no better time than now to get your child off on the right foot of optimum oral health. What’s happening in your child’s mouth today could affect their self-esteem and confidence tomorrow. Make an appointment now to the office located closest to you in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, South Carolina!