Fluoride Treatment

Kids First Dental Provides Fluoride Treatments in South Carolina

As much as you want to think that your child is brushing, flossing, and rinsing their mouth at least twice a day, Kids First Dental knows that kids will be kids and take shortcuts along the way. That’s why it’s critical that they receive professional fluoride treatments as part of their routine oral health care. If you want to make sure that your child has the best chance for a picture-perfect smile as an adult, it’s important to take the steps now to make sure it happens.

There’s Fluoride in Tap Water, But Not Enough for Optimum Oral Health

It’s true that the drinking water in certain areas contains fluoride, but today’s practice of hydration includes drinking bottled water over tap water. Because of this, your child’s teeth may not be getting enough of this important mineral without the help of a topical application. At Kids First Dental in Columbia, Lancaster, and Greenwood, South Carolina, our caring and professional staff can make sure that your child has the best defense against cavities with a simple in-office fluoride treatment.

Fluoride Treatments Can Be Beneficial in Adults Too

Although most commonly associated with pediatric dentistry, the use of fluoride treatments in adult dentistry is also common. Because Kids First Dental is a multi-specialty practice that treats patients of all ages, we can help you in the battle against tarter build-up and gingivitis – two conditions that often derail oral health in adults.

Why You Should Choose Kids First Dental for Fluoride Treatment

At Kids First Dental, we’re committed to providing the best possible oral health care to children and families in Columbia, Lancaster, and Greenwood, South Carolina. Our caring and professional staff are multilingual to ensure that your visit to any one of our conveniently located offices is a pleasant one. We emphasize prevention and treatment techniques to ensure our patients receive the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Our goal is to develop a generation of children who do not fear the dentist, but who actually enjoy going to the dentist! Make your appointment today to learn more about how a fluoride treatment can benefit you or your child.