Pediatric Emergency Dental Care

At Kids First Dental, we know that childhood emergencies can happen at any time and any place. That’s why we have three conveniently located South Carolina offices in Columbia, Lancaster, and Greenwood. Wondering if your child can visit an emergency dentist near you? Continue reading to find out.

Does Your Child Have a Severe Toothache?

Most toothaches start out small, but over time they will grow in pain and become almost intolerable for children. Kids First Dental has immediate emergency appointments available to treat toothaches.

Does Your Child Have a Damaged or Chipped Tooth?

If your child has damaged or chipped their tooth, it can be a traumatic experience for them – and you! The good news is that the dental professionals at Kids First Dental can treat this emergency situation from their offices in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, South Carolina.

Does Your Child Have a Loose Tooth?

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not always best to leave a loose tooth alone and wait for it to fall out on its own. While a loose tooth is not truly a dental emergency, you should still plan a visit to Kids First Dental for an examination to assure that the general oral health of your child’s mouth is in good standing to accommodate the loss of teeth.

Does Your Child Participate in Sports?

If your child is very active in sports, you may want to consider getting a mouthguard for them to wear during this activity. Studies have shown that children who wear mouth protection during contact sports are at a reduced risk of experiencing dental emergencies such as knocked out or broken teeth.

Does Your Child Need to Establish a Baseline of Good Oral Health?

While Kids First Dental can help your child with any dental emergency that arises, it’s always good to remember that your best defense for good oral care starts with a good baseline of dental health. It’s important that your child brushes their teeth twice a day, uses an anti-cavity mouthwash, flosses at least once a day, and sees a dentist regularly – before emergencies happen! By visiting one of our dental offices in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, we’ll be able to recommend preventative treatment techniques to ensure your child receives the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.