Space Maintenance: Why It’s So Important to Your Child’s Smile

If your child has recently lost a tooth and you’ve been told that a space maintainer is needed, you may be wondering why. Keep reading to learn more.

The Truth About Space Maintenance in Pediatric Dentistry

The bottom line is that when your child loses a baby tooth earlier than planned, the space that’s been created by the missing tooth needs to be maintained to its fullest extent until your child’s permanent tooth is ready to come in. Why? Because if the space is not maintained in its entirety, there may be spacing issues that surface when the permanent tooth erupts.

Spacing Issues Can Lead to Costly Corrections Down the Road

When your child has spacing issues in their teeth, it can often lead to more costly orthodontic treatment – such as braces – at a later date. Rather than face that obstacle, many parents prefer the use of a space maintainer as soon as one is needed.

Kids First Dental Can Recommend the Best Space Maintainer for Your Needs

There are two types of space maintainers used in pediatric dentistry. They can be made of stainless steel or plastic, and they can be either removable or fixed. The caring and professional staff at Kids First Dental in South Carolina will be able to suggest which maintainer is best suited for your child’s needs when you visit one of our conveniently located offices in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, SC.

Your Child is Never Too Young to Visit the Dentist

Children begin to get their baby teeth by the time they’re six months old. To make sure that they’re on the right track for a winning adult smile, it’s recommended that you visit a pediatric dentist such as Kids First Dental so we can treat your child for the many dental challenges they will encounter as they grow up. Without routine oral care during this important time in your child’s life, they could encounter problems that could impact the quality of their adult smile.

There Are No Shortcuts to a Winning Smile

The bottom line is that there are no shortcuts to a winning adult smile. It all starts with pediatric dentistry. Make an appointment now with Kids First Dental in Columbia, Lancaster, or Greenwood, SC to get your child off to the best possible start you can!